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Access control is the intelligent solution to achieve a balance between different security needs and flexible access when, within the security measures, non-intrusive monitoring of people or vehicles making use of the facilities is necessary. According to its objective we can offer two types of systems:

Time/attendance control

With the time control systems, you can easily manage your employees' control with maximum reliability. Staff is the main asset of companies while also being the most important cost. Correct staff control will provide a measurable and fair system to increase employee compliance and productivity.


With the access control systems you can hierarchize access to protected enclosures and control the opening from 1 to 999 doors through free software for small equipment and with licenses of use for large installations.


Depending on their operation, access control systems can be autonomous or connected to a centralized network. At NPS Seguridad we advise you from the first moment to choose the system that best suits the needs of your company. Depending on your detection technology, we can install the following types of equipment:

  • Proximity Card / Keychain
  • Keyboard for code input
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Facial sensor, iris sensor, etc
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