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If there is a place where
we need to feel secure,
that is our home.



Every day we witness, through the media or the experience of friends, cases of theft and acts of crime. The alarms and other security systems have proved their effectiveness, first, acting as a deterrent, and secondly, facilitating the actions of the Police and Emergency Services.

Today technological advances allow us to offer you a wide range of affordable, personalized and easy-to-use solutions to protect your home or residential community.

If every business is different
Why does your alarm have to
be the same as the others?



We offer the security system that best suits your business, be it office, industrial warehouse or local shop. First, we carry out a personalized safety study. We detect the weak points and solve them by strategically placing deterrent elements, sensors, detectors and cameras of last generation.

NPS Seguridad's business solutions offer comprehensive protection and control of your business 24 hours a day, covering access points, outdoor areas and valuables. In this way they avoid intrusions, detect the intruders and facilitate the necessary security action in each case.

Effective and intelligent control
of public places



NPS security is aware that today, security goes beyond the installation of alarms, so plans and installs quality solutions, subject to the strictest international assessments. The implementation of protection and surveillance systems that help in the management and control of this type of space is increasingly greater.

These systems have proven to be effective in reducing the number of intrusions and acts of vandalism, in traffic management, in registration verification and in access control. In addition, they make possible a more efficient management of the personnel assigned to the tasks of control of these places.

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