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NPS SEGURIDAD, in collaboration with its suppliers, investigates the latest advances in fire protection, to be able to configure systems that best adapt to each installation, in order to save lives and minimize fire damage. We work both conventional systems with detection by zones, as well as analog systems of point location.


We offer a careful selection of safes of the professional type that offer the highest protection guarantees with security levels III, IV, V, VI and VII adapted to the current regulations and certified according to the standard UNE-EN1143-1. We also have spare parts and technical service of the most recognized safes brands in the sector.


With the guarantee of the demanding process of selection of our products, NPS SECURITY offers a wide range of anti-theft equipment and its consumables with the most advanced technology and an unbeatable value for money. Systems to protect your stock with radiofrequency, acustomagnetic, or electromagnetic technology.

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